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A ZAPATASLING FILM ABOUT A GIRL WHO USES HER MAGIC SHOES TO FIGHT EVILThe Zapatlela movie is an action-packed animation about a girl called Ninny who travels through the world to find her missing father. She uses her magic shoes to jump high, run fast, and beat baddies.Ninny’s adventure takes her everywhere from the Amazonian jungle to ancient ruins. Along the way she meets new friends and makes enemies with legends like El Cucuy Drolio, The Mighty Bushrat King, and The Minotaursaurus Rex. Zapatlela is a fun-filled, animated romp inspired by Mexican folklore and the work of artists like Quino and Rius. It’s packed with action and humour and features a multicultural cast of characters drawn in the charming style of traditional Mexican art.The movie is made up of six stories, each one bringing Ninny closer to her father’s kidnappers, The Huarachez Brothers. Each story also has its own unique look, created by different artists who are experts in their field. The animation style, type of characters, and plot will inspire viewers to appreciate the diversity of Mexican culture. The Zapatlela movie is all about family, friendship, and standing up for what you believe in! Ninny learns that courage can come from the most unexpected places. She must never lose hope that she’ll find her father again.

An old woman who warns Ninny about the Huarachez brothers and gives Ninny her magical shoes. She lives with a flock of guardian birds on top of a mountain.

The ruthless leader of the Huarachez brothers who kidnaps Ninny's father for his magical powers. He is the only one who can lift a boulder with his bare hands.

The eldest and most respected of the Huarachez brothers. He is very handsome and wants Ninny to be his bride.

The second oldest Huarachez brother, very strong and funny. He has a pet piranha which he often lets bite him in the butt or bite him on purpose for fun.

The youngest Huarachez brother and Ninny's best friend. He loves to play pranks on people but also has a good heart underneath it all .

A kind-hearted witch who lives in the forest near the Huarachez brothers' headquarters. She wears a turban with a red jewel on it. She transforms Ninny into a Bee, so she can sneak inside the palace, help Ninny escape and deliver a message to her father.

A sneaky mountain person who is also called by many names, including El Cucuy Drolio, The Mighty Bushrat King, The Minotaursaurus Rex, etc. He is always looking for trouble for his own amusement or to impress his friends. Ninny's father who was kidnapped by the Huarachez brothers because he had special powers.


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